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26.5.-29.5.2016 Ďakujeme za príjemné prežité dni vo vašom apartmáne. Strava, obsluha a ubytovanie na vysokej úrovni. Ďakujeme aj za informácie, ktoré ste nám poskytli ohľadom výletov do okolia. Ešte raz Vďaka. Marta a Rudolf

I keep coming back to this wonderful cabin/county style family oriented guesthouse since 2012 when I was on holiday with my girlfriend. The owners are very kind people and their service and positive approach to the guests is exemplary. Rooms are nice and spaces. You will get a feeling that You are getting a LOT for your money. On the top of that they offer a lot of options for relaxation (pool, spa, sauna, pool table, playground for kids, etc). They thought of just about everything. Nothing comes close in this area IMO.

Oh, I should not to forget - food is great!

Best regards / S pozdravom


Quality Engineer