Most accessible are various types of sauna, pools and yet less known infra-cabins, which are the alternative to other preparatory spas...

Let´s not be afraid of taking care of ourselves!

Instructions for the visitors of Wellness cabin Alpinka

1. We kindly ask all visitors to change their shoes when entering the wellness cabin.

2. Please keep calm and cleanness.

3. Due to security reasons, please do not manipulate with controlling units of sauna and infra-cabin.

4. We kindly ask all visitors not to open and feed the fire in the fire-place.

5. It is forbidden to smoke, consume food and drink alcohol in all the area of the cabin.

6. Visitor is responsible for his own security out the wellness cabin. Entrance to the lake is permitted only to your own responsibility.

7. When coming out from sauna, infra-cabin and cabin – please keep the doors closed to avoid the evasion of the heat.

8. The damage caused by the visitor should be announced and refunded at the reception of the guesthouse Alpinka.

9. Used sheets should be disposed to the laundry bin.

10. Kindly keep the agreed length of stay in the cabin, when finished please give the key back to the reception of the guesthouse Alpinka

We thank you for keeping these rules!

Please, feel fine, relax well and regenerate your body and soul!

The owners of the guesthouse Alpinka - Joja&Rudi Kučákovci