The word "welness" is being recently inflected in all its forms. No exact specification of this word exists. English definition says that wellness is a healthy state of wellbeing free from disease or a care of physical health. The mere word connects two words within: wellbeing and fitness.

Wellness living style is composed of several parts, such as positive thinking, care of physical condition, correct nutrition and upkeeing of weight, creation of mental balance and protection against stress. So wellness is not only a physical ability, which plays only a partial role, but it is as well a healthy way of life and consequent life welfare.

Who in today´s busy world wouldn’t appreciate this?

kupaci sud mCottage Jacuzzi. Whirlpool bath in a barrel.

Imagine a hot bath of 38 degrees Celsius out on a fresh air with a stunning view on beautifully snowed countryside or a night sky full of stars. Only you, your favourite drink and your dearest people around you. An absolute relax. When the hot water makes you feel too hot, just cool yourself in our bio lake – just at the side of the barrel. The effect of hot and cold water is amazing. You can repeat this process for several times. Whirlpool is also one of the great surprises that will increase your comfort.

kupacie jazierkoPrežite krásne leto, plné kúpania, relaxu a oddychu v našom penzióne Alpinka. Využite množstvo zábavy, ktoré sme pre Vašu nezabudbuteĺnú dovolenku pripravili. U nás nájdete krásnu záhradu a v nej kúpacie jazierko, relaxačné lehátka, hojdačku, wellness domček, detské ihrisko, pieskovisko, zastrešenú terasu s posedením a grilom, vlastné parkovisko na dvore, ale i možnosť zapožičania si bicykla.

wellness domcek

The main contribution of relaxation and rehabilitation is in releasing of inner pressure. Regular application influences muscle tonus and central neural system. The roots of problems, which lead to tension, must be definitely solved in other way, but correct relaxation and rehabilitation may dismantle the impacts of stress, that we are displayed in everyday life. Sometime we just need to be cheered up. It may be useful to highlight that everyone needs to find his own way of relaxation.

infrasauna m

Znamená skutočne pokrok v oblasti saunovania s možnosťou regenerácie organizmu pri použití terapeutického efektu infračerveného žiarenia podobného, ako je tepelné slnečné žiarenie a jeho účinky. Nie je to UVA ani UVB (ultrafialové žiarenie), ktoré pôsobí pri opaľovaní zo slnečného žiarenia a spôsobuje opálenie. Z toho dôvodu nie je sa potrebné obávať používania infračervenej sauny.